Security and Energy Savings

Smart-Film is a thin layer of photoelectric clear film, which easily adheres to any glass surface. The two electrodes @ the end of the film connect to a power supply which, via a click of a switch or a remote control transmitter, energizes the photosensitive liquid material encapsulated between the layers of film, making the surface of the Smart Film opaque. The interior content of the space surrounded by the glass becomes instantly invisible to outside viewers.

Security and Energy Savings are the two most important features of Smart-Film, which can be used in any Commercial Building, High Rise, or Residential application.

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About the Company is a subsidiary of Lumux Lighting, which has been at the forefront of Architectural Lighting manufacturing for over two decades.

The company was founded by an electrical engineer with intensive experience and training in Semi-Conductor business, from design to fabrication aspects of ICs and semiconductor chips, and was further enhanced by gaining experience in
the application of electronics components & chips in Aerospace industry with the emphasis on defense and Guidance & Control systems and sub-systems.

Paying attention to the details of product fabrication and its long term reliability for all of its components has been a part of the Mission Statement for both companies.

Extensive technical background, scrutinizing the quality for each components, attractive pricing, together with U.S.-made orders for Smart Film is a guarantee of our total dedication to our Customer Service.

Product Specifications

  • Clear film as a heat insulation.
  • Different sizes to fit any application
  • Glue-Less backing for ease of installation and better adherence to the surface.
  • Heat Block factor 30% (Your room would stay 70% more cooler)
  • Light Block factor 98%
  • Working temperature -30 – 100 degree C.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
  • Only 0.6 watt / sq.ft power consumption.
  • Thickness of only 0.38mm.


  • Residences
  • High Rises
  • Office Buildings
  • Conference Rooms
  • Restaurants and Clubs
  • Health Clinics
  • Health Spas
  • Banks
  • Any project which security and a controlled temperature is required…

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